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Yen Ospina

America, Land Of The Free

America, Land Of The Free

Signed Yen Ospina Digital Art Print

Each Print is sealed in a clear sleeve and shipped in a reinforced corrugated cardboard envelope.

Hecho Con Amor

“In America” - poem by Maria Isabel Alvarez
Art Made by Yen Ospina

When I read the poem Maria wrote, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Feelings started to rush
through my whole body while I absorbed every word. I struggle with the relationship I have with America.

My Colombian family worked hard to get here and make sure I had a better life, and I know I have more opportunities here, but I frequently witness racism and injustice while I grow here. Even my parents have been victims to this. The image was clear in my head of what I wanted to create. There’s this imagery that America is great, and in reality, it has as many faults as other places.



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