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The Orozco Gallery, under the leadership of Yen Ospina, is dedicated to championing emerging and BIPOC artists. This one-woman-run organization provides valuable opportunities for artists through events, exhibitions, and various platforms, aiming to promote inclusivity and diversity within the art community.


Nestled at the intersection of passion and purpose, the Orozco Gallery, founded in 2024 by the visionary Colombian-American artist Yen Ospina, is a dynamic haven for emerging and BIPOC talents. With an unwavering commitment to fostering opportunities beyond conventional boundaries, Orozoco Gallery serves as a catalyst, connecting artists to a tapestry of events, galleries, and more.

Orozco Gallery empowers artists with invaluable insights into the realm of full-time artistry. The gallery becomes a nexus of creativity, hosting art markets that transcend conventional boundaries and facilitating connections among small businesses, non-profit organizations, and a multitude of opportunities.

In the hands of Yen Ospina, the Orozco Gallery emerges as not just a moving organization but a thriving ecosystem where art and community intertwine, creating a symphony of diverse voices and boundless possibilities.

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Past Events

  • "Maker's Market" 11 Local Art Vendors, Pop Up Market , Liquid State Brewing 2024
  • "Spring Into Art" Group Show & Pop Up Market, Hair Color Art, 2024 Click Here To Read Article
  • "Ithaca Loves Murals" Fundraising Event, 3rd Floor CSMA, 2024

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