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"Yen Ospina is self-taught multi-talented Colombian-American artist who creates in multiple mediums and scales - digital & traditional art, to community murals. 

Her work centers on themes of power, mysticism, and visibility. She utilizes a core color palette that makes her diverse body of work instantly recognizable as done in her hand.

Ospina honed her signature style over the course of 2020 during a period of deep introspection. Yen creates her art to inspire inquiry and expand the viewer’s subconscious assumptions of what feminine, queer, and diverse power looks like."

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Orozco Gallery

Step into the enchanting realm of artistic dreams and aspirations at The Orozco Gallery, a radiant creation founded in 2024 by the visionary artisan, Yen Ospina. As a solo architect of this dreamscape, Yen is passionately dedicated to crafting opportunities that elevate the voices of artists.

Curating Exhibitions, Art Markets, and beyond!

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