Colombian Jewelry

These beautiful pieces were handmade by the Embera Chami from Colombia, South America. The meaning of Embera Chami is – People from the mountain.

Historically they were a hunting and harvesting group who are currently suffering for many reasons including colonization, climate change, and forced displacement.

I supported them by purchasing a bunch of jewelry and am in contact with them too. Hopefully, I'll keep bringing them to the U.S!

About Me

Yen Ospina’s graphic imagery is full of texture and bold colors.

Reminiscent of the deco era with a reinterpreted energy this self-taught artist and illustrator showcases her talent, our current culture, the female body, and dreamscapes in fun and inviting presentations.

Through earth tone colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail, the work challenges viewers to delve beyond aesthetic allure and allow mysticism to guide their understanding.

Yen’s work is steeped in her personal experience as a Queer Colombian-American young woman birthing art right here in the Finger Lakes.