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Yen Ospina: The Strange Beauty Of Being Human

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Poem & Art Collaboration

“In America” - poem by Maria Isabel Alvarez, Artwork by Yen Ospina

In America

They ask me
What’s it like being a brown woman in America?
I want to say
It’s like screaming in a dream
And expecting a reaction.

They ask me
What’s it like being an immigrant in America?
I want to say
It’s like wearing perfume
And everyone is allergic.

They ask me
What’s it like praying for change in America?
I want to say
It’s like pressing your ear to the dirt
and hoping to hear the sea.

Art Made by Yen Ospina
When I read the poem Maria wrote, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Feelings started to rush through my whole body while I absorbed every word. I struggle with the relationship I have with America. My Colombian family worked hard to get here and make sure I had a better life, and I know I have more opportunities here, but I frequently witness racism and injustice while I grow here. Even my parents have been victims to this. The image was clear in my head of what I
wanted to create. There’s this imagery that America is great, and in reality it has as many faults as other places.


Gap Collaboration

Gap reached out to me in 2021, they told me they wanted to collaborate with me! I was skeptical, I wasn't sure it was real...until I read the contract.

"HOLY WOW!", I said to myself.

They launched the shirts around International Women's Day 2022. This taught me that dreams can become reality! 

If you want to support me, buying directly from my online shop is the way to go!

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Greenstar Collaboration

Now Available with Awesome Artwork from Local Artist, Yen Ospina
In honor of GreenStar’s 50th Anniversary in 2021, we reached out to our staff for ideas on how we could celebrate the milestone through art and some fun new GreenStar branded goods. Thanks to suggestions provided by staff, GreenStar partnered with Yen to create a handful of custom-made images that personify a few favorite foods and illustrate GreenStar in various fun and positive styles.
You may have seen Yen’s work in the Ithaca area. Yen’s graphic imagery is full of texture and bold colors. Reminiscent of the deco era with a reinterpreted energy this self-taught artist and illustrator showcases her talent, our current culture, the female body, and dreamscapes in fun and inviting presentations. Through earth tone colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail, the work challenges viewers to delve beyond aesthetic allure and allow mysticism to guide their understanding. Yen’s work is steeped in her personal experience as a Queer Colombian-American young woman birthing art right in the Finger Lakes.
Regarding her work with GreenStar, Yen commented – “I was honored to be asked to collaborate with GreenStar on this project! Hopefully this will be a chance to bring community together with fun and exciting art!
T-Shirts, Coffee, and More!
You’ll soon see GreenStar branded goods for sale featuring Yen’s GreenStar images – t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, stickers, mugs, and new gift cards – just in time for the holiday season. We’re also working with Oak & Crow Coffee Co. for three custom GreenStar blends that will be labeled with Yen’s work and available for purchase by the 12 oz. bag or by the freshly brewed, steaming cup at our Cascadilla St. coffee bar.

Ithaca Hummus Get Out The Vote Mural

ITHACA, N.Y. –– As election day fast approaches, Ithaca Hummus has teamed up with local artists through Ithaca Murals to fund art projects throughout the city, encouraging people to vote.

Installations and murals to be complete by Election Day on Nov. 3 will be all over the city of Ithaca in an effort to get the word out about making your voice heard.

“I believe voting is a civic duty, and one of the most American things you can do,” said Chris Kirby, founder of Ithaca Hummus. “We hope these beautiful art installations will inspire the people of Ithaca to get out and vote responsibly.”

One of the artists creating work in Ithaca as part of the campaign is Yen Ospina, a queer, Colombian visual artist who has already created artwork around town, including on electrical boxes and fencing.

Ospina is working on a mural in Press Bay Court that includes imagery of Lady Liberty shouting for people to, “vote!” She said the opportunity to engage in a project like this is the first time she has been really politically active.

“I’ve been quiet about political stuff because half my life I grew up in Colombia and my parents are from Colombia. They’re immigrants so they wanted me to blend in,” Ospina said.

She continued, “there are so many incarcerated people right now, and people separated from their families and that’s hitting to the core of me –– if my parents were detained I would have never been born. That’s heartbreaking that people are going through that right now.”

Ospina said her goal in participating in the project is to inspire people to not be quiet as she has been.

“Lady liberty is the image of justice. I feel as if she’s yelling, she’s screaming –– telling everyone to put themselves out there and saying it’s time to make a change,” she said. “My hope is to motivate people to vote so we can hopefully have a change in everything that can be beneficial to everyone."
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